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Behind the Scenes - 2020 Collection Shoot

As I gear up for the 2021 Collection photoshoot, it's got me reminiscing on the shoot for the 2020 Collection from August 2019 and I wanted to share some of the behind the scenes from it. One of my greatest inspirations is nature and if I'm not in my little studio, I'll often be somewhere in the great outdoors. As it's such a huge part of Sophie Rose Bridal, I always want this to be reflected through the shoots I create. Although this results in the most beautiful photography, it is also incredibly anxiety-inducing as I constantly check my weather app during the week leading up to the shoot, so I know what I'm preparing for and if I need a plan B. I've been really lucky for my previous shoots so let's hope that continues!

We began in some cornfields, just five minutes from the studio. Katy Lawrence was my photographer for this shoot, who is a total dreamboat. Katy shoots exclusively on film, which creates the most amazing quality of photos, especially when paired with Katy's creative eye. I always have a really clear vision for how I want the shoot to look but I always take the lead from the creatives I'm working with, as they are the experts at what they do. That's why so much hard work and months of planning go into these shoots, as I need to make sure I'm working with the right people who really 'get' what Sophie Rose Bridal is about as they also end up inspiring what I create. Katy had so many techniques to create a variety of unique images, such as the double exposure shots of Maple. She can be seen here working with Hannah to make this series. Hannah had arms of steel by the end!

Hannah Berry Flowers, my good friend and flower extraordinaire, was the floral stylist for this shoot. We had planned well in advance how the flowers were going to look and the designs, but Hannah had sparks of ideas as the shoot went on and ended up creating this heavenly floral wreath at the side of the road, from leftover flowers and foraged bits. This turned out to be the star of the show of the shoot - she is a total genius!

We then headed to a wild garden belonging to some of my family, which is rich with lots of different trees, plants and foliage. These shoots always become a 'everyone mucks in' situation, we all had our turns at holding Katy's reflector, being the bag carrier, make up assistant and everything in between! I love that everyone ends up becoming comfortable with each other pretty quickly because of this. I was really lucky to find Mya, the model for this shoot. She has THE most beautiful, positive energy that really brought every photo to life. She was such a joy to work with, even changing on the roadside in Hannah's van and I'm so grateful to her for wearing my designs in such a natural way. The dream is a model who is happy to run barefoot in a field while in a wedding dress!

Our last spot for the final two gowns were just a minute's drive down the road from my studio base. The Hair and Make Up Artist for the shoot was Helen, also known as The Boho Bride. As soon as I met Helen, I knew she was the right choice. She totally got exactly what I wanted and really listened - a quality I think is really important, especially for a wedding HMUA. She was totally adaptable, making changes on location and whipping up the most gorgeous updo in a matter of minutes! As Katy took the last shots on her final roll of film, the heavens opened and the rain I was so worried about all day, came down in full force. I couldn't believe the timing and so glad Katy managed to get this shot of us in the rain just as we wrapped.

I'm so proud this shoot and this team, everyone was so laid back and worked so well together - it really was magical and I'm so grateful to all of them. I hope it was interesting to read how the day went and keep an eye out on Instagram for a BTS of the next shoot!

Sophie x

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