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The Sophie Rose Bridal Bespoke Dress Design Process

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

The beauty of having a Sophie Rose Bridal dress that is made just for you, is that you can combine many design elements from my current dresses, to create your perfect, dream dress. You may want to change the back design, have different sleeves, use a lace from another dress... the possibilities are endless!

We start by trying on as many samples as you like, which helps you visualise what suits you best and which fabrics you love. Also, I can help you picture any potential changes by draping fabrics over the dresses while you're wearing them. I'm going to show you a few beautiful Sophie Rose brides who have gone through this exact process, some making small, bespoke changes and others creating a dreamy new combination.


Abi's dress was a beautiful culmination of quite a few of my designs! She knew she wanted sleeves due to it being a late October wedding, so we got to trying on. Abi was definite that she would want a round neck as that's what she's used to wearing day to day, but as soon as she tried it on, it didn't feel right to her. The perfect example why it's great to be open-minded, you just don't know what you may or may not like!

After having a good try on, it was clear that the sleeves from Holly were the ones. They're soft and drapey, giving the perfect feel for an Autumnal wedding. Since deciding the boatneck wasn't for her, we decided the V neck, fitted bodice also from Holly would work best, which balanced out perfectly with the chiffon sleeves. However, the embroidered lace didn't feel quite right and Abi decided on the leaf lace from Robin, which is fairly dense so worked well with the delicacy of the chiffon, while not being a floral lace to again, suit the Autumnal vibe. To show off the beauty of the leaf lace, we kept it sheer on the back, which Abi decided to be in the square style of Iris.

To tie it all together, Abi and I decided to layer the lace on the cuffs too. For the skirt, the slipper satin a lot of my brides choose wasn't for Abi, she wanted something a bit heavier. The obvious choice was the crepe from Ivy, which has much more weight to it but still flows beautifully. For that final detail, we added buttons all the way down the length of the skirt, which finished off Abi's dress perfectly.

This dress was the epitome of a bespoke design and demonstrates so wonderfully what you can do with the Sophie Rose Bridal designs. I have designed them in mind to work together, to allow you to create something that is special and unique to you! Abi's dress has inspired so many of my brides that have since come to me and I hope that it inspires you too.


Anna came to me having found it really tricky to find a dress that was perfect for her, but was incredibly decisive when choosing which Sophie Rose dress she wanted. The base was Cosmos, a relaxed, and ethereal style that really shows off the brides personality. However, the sleeves didn't work for Anna so after some more trying on, she decided on the Ivy sleeves but made out of the dobby tulle of Cosmos. I was so happy with how they turned out and looked!

We made another change due to the fact that Anna had a bigger bust, so she was more comfortable wearing a particular bra for support under her dress. Because of this, I raised the height of the back to make sure all trace of the bra was covered. And instead of making it a scoop as Cosmos is originally, we decided to mirror the V neckline and make the back a V shape also. The end result was simply gorgeous, it was just perfect for Anna and I felt so privileged to create her dream dress.


Elena's dress story was similar to Abi's, a creation that involved multiple dresses! Elena was very definite on wanting a boatneck style and trying it on only confirmed to her how much she wanted that shape. The dress that helped Elena with that was Cowrie. She loved the flow of the neckline into the V back but decided she wanted to change the lace and have it layered over the whole bodice. She wanted something contemporary, not the classic vintage style lace and went for the leaf lace from Robin.

We spent quite a lot of time talking through sleeve options and whether sleeves were even the right thing for her, as we could have made it sleeveless. Elena, her Mum and I played around with this by laying fabric over her arm in different ways, which made it so much easier for Elena to visualise. After dancing around various styles, Elena went for t shirt style sleeves, similar to that on Poppy. I suggested edging the sleeves with a lace trim, which was also being used to finish off the back and waistline, therefore tying the whole dress together.

Elena kept the back design from Robin and also the flowing A Line skirt made from glorious slipper satin. She decided to add buttons all the way down the skirt, a gorgeous touch. I think we can all agree that she looked absolutely dreamy on the day!


Sara's choice was a subtle yet beautiful change. Sara originally chose Maple, again, her decision was very decisive and effortless. It was one of those where when she put it on, it all made sense and nothing else was going to compare. However, Sara wanted to add some kind detail to give Maple that little 'something'. After discussing a couple of ideas, we both agreed that adding a tiny lace trim to the neckline and back, as seen on Willow, would have the delicate look Sara wanted to achieve. I loved the end result and it shows how a small change can make such a huge difference.

I've loved sharing how the bespoke design process works with you and I hope it's inspired you to think about about your own dress! It's such a special process and it is so rewarding to create these dresses that carry so much meaning and emotion. If you'd like to get in touch to book an appointment or ask me any questions at all, please click here.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie x

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