Hello! I'm Sophie, the founder and designer at Sophie Rose Bridal, which I began in late 2018. 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve sewn. This continued through school, college, an Art Foundation Degree, while I followed my passion for creativity. I began a Degree in Fashion and Textile Design but felt restricted by what I was allowed to create. After deciding to defer for a year, a close family friend asked me to make her wedding dress and crafting Anna’s dress reignited my love for designing and making.


I made the scary decision to quit University and for a number of years, I worked closely alongside Sophie Cranston, designer and founder of luxury fashion label Libelula. Working there taught me that women are always looking for beautiful and timeless, yet unique pieces that are also designed and made in Britain. 


As well as my work with Libelula, I freelanced as a dressmaker at a bridal boutique, where I learnt the ropes on how to create high quality wedding dresses. It was here that I saw a gap in the market for beautifully crafted, luxury gowns that would create a sense of confidence and comfort for the women who wear them. I realised wedding dresses didn’t have to look like all the ones I was altering and making in the boutique – they could be relaxed, ethereal and comfortable. 


Designing and making wedding dresses combines all my favourite things about being a creative; I get to craft pieces I love for special people, that will then be treasured for years to come. Being in my little studio based at my home in Hampshire, is both my haven and happy place. As well as walking my dog, Joey and spending time in nature and by the sea of course!