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How much do the dresses cost? 


The dresses range from £1450 - £2400. All the dresses are handmade to order, just for you, in the finest quality fabrics. Prices can change depending on a changes in design details. 


How to I book an appointment and do you charge for appointments?


Please email to enquire about making a booking. There is no charge for appointments. 


Can I make changes to the design? 


You can absolutely make changes to a design, within reason. For example, you can add/change sleeves from another dress, swap fabrics, choose a different skirt design to go with a different bodice, change the back design – the possibilities are endless! However, if it’s not a design I already offer, then it is more than likely I won’t make it. My designs are very much of a certain style that I am passionate about and so anything I make reflects what I do and if it’s not in keeping with that, I will let you know. 


What should I wear to my appointment? 


Almost all the dresses have cups that provide the support you need. If you think you may need to wear a bra then wear one that provides the shape and lift that you are wanting on the wedding day. It’s also helpful to wear nude underwear but we can advise what’s best for the day once we get started! If you’d like to try the dresses with shoes then please feel free to bring some with you. 


When is my first fitting?


I like to take your measurements 6-7 months before the wedding and the first fitting will be a month or two after this. If you’re booking your dress with a short lead time, then it depends with what timeframe we’re working with. 


When should I start looking for my dress?


Ideally, you want to start looking 9-12 months before the wedding, to avoid disappointment but also to make it as relaxed as possible for you! 


Can I bring friends and family to the appointment? 


Of course! My studio is small so I allow a maximum of two guests per bride. This also makes life easier for you as there can be such a thing as too many cooks when it comes to wedding dress shopping! Bring people you trust and genuinely care about their opinion but remember it’s your day and you’re the one who is wearing the dress so it’s purely about how you feel. 


Can I have a swatch of the fabric of my dress?


Absolutely no problem at all! Please just ask and I can give them to you in an appointment or post them to you. 


Do you have veils and accessories at the studio? 


I have a beautiful selection of samples from Eden B Studio for you to try during your appointment. I can also order them for you.  


What size are your samples? 


They are roughly around a size 10-12. It’s incredibly rare that a wedding dress samples fits perfectly as it hasn’t been made for you so I can pin the dresses if they’re too big or leave the zip slightly undone if they’re too small to give you a really good idea on how they would look. 


Is there parking at the studio? 


There is plenty of private parking at the studio. I will send you directions once your appointment is booked.


How do I pay for my dress? 


Once you’ve decided which dress to go for, I send you an invoice for 50%, which is the first payment and the final 50% is due before your final collection of the dress. They are payable by bank transfer. 

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