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The Sophie Rose Bridal Collections are dreamed up from the spirit of nature. From the rolling oceans in autumn, to the falling blossom in spring, these collections take on the sense we feel when in these environments; calm, free and truly yourself - the way I want brides to feel when wearing one of my designs.


The Sophie Rose Collection comprises of six designs; Cowrie, Robin, Iris, Flora, Lavender and Poppy. Each dress can be interchanged and adapted with elements, fabrics and design details from across the collections, ensuring each bride has the perfect, hand crafted dress of their choice with no compromise.

Made to order in the Hampshire studio to your measurements.

Cowrie - 9.jpg


Flora - 49.jpg


Iris - 1.jpg


Poppy - 17.jpg


Lavender - 22.jpg


Robin - 11.jpg


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